Samer Frangieh

Samer Frangie received his PhD from the University in Cambridge in 2009. He joined the American University of Beirut shortly after. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Studies and Public Administration at AUB and the director of the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies. His research and teaching interest includes the intellectual and political histories of the modern Middle East, contemporary social and political theory. He has published a number of articles on the intellectual history of the Arab Left and is currently working on a book manuscript on the memory of the left. Aside from his academic work, he has published extensively in the Arab press.

My research takes the Levantine left as a historical terrain to investigate the transformation of political critique and social criticism in the second part of the twentieth century. Through following the rise and fall of the “New Left” in the Arab world, my research tackles questions of political subjectivity and organization, the relationship between aesthetics and politics, and the changing modalities of critique.