Loulouwa Al Rachid

Loulouwa Al Rachid is a co-director of the Program on Civil-Military Relations in Arab States at the Carnegie Middle East Center. She is a political scientist by training, having earned her PhD from the Institut d’études politiques de Paris. Her work covered the erosion of authoritarianism and survival strategies in the final decade of Baath Party rule in Iraq, and she has spent the past twenty years researching the politics of Iraq and the Gulf region. Previously, she was a senior Iraq analyst with the International Crisis Group; a research fellow at the Collège de France (Chaire d’Histoire contemporaine du monde arabe); and a consultant for numerous governmental institutions in France and Europe. Al Rachid has written several book chapters as well as peer-reviewed articles in Middle Eastern Studies, Maghreb-Machrek, A Contrario, Critique internationale, Tumultes, Politique Étrangère, and Politique Internationale. Her latest publication is L’Irak Après l’État Islamique: Une Victoire qui Change tout? (Institut Français des Relations Internationales, 2017).

Current work focuses on irregular warfare in the Levant with a special emphasis on Iraqi militias and their regional transhumance from one theatre of war to another. A corollary to this topic is the notion of martyrdom in Iraqi society since 2003 examined through its new narratives, paraphernalia, and expanding institutions.