Leyla Dakhli

Leyla Dakhli  – Principal Investigator (PI) of DREAM

Leyla Dakhli is a historian and a full-time researcher at the French Center for National Research (CNRS) at the Marc Bloch Center, Berlin. Her work focuses particularly on the study of Arab intellectuals, as well as, the social history of the South Mediterranean region. She is a member of the editorial comittee of the International Review of Social History (Amsterdam) and Le Mouvement social (Paris), both prominent journals in social history and she contributes regularly to other journals. She is part of the ERC founded research project « Open Jerusalem » and is also a member of its core-team. Dakhli is a collaborator in the program « Free Schol » aiming to research on “endangered” scholars and their contribution to European Academy since the 1920’s.

Her last publications include Histoire du Proche-Orient contemporain, Paris, La Découverte, 2015 ; (with Vincent Lemire), Etudier en liberté les mondes méditerranéens. Mélanges offerts à Robert Ilbert, Publications de la Sorbonne, avril 2016; Le Moyen-Orient  (fin XIXe-XXe siècle), Éditions du Seuil “Points Histoire”, nov. 2016.