7 mars 2022, 14h30, Teresa Pepe, “Bytes of Freedom: Literary Blogs in Egypt” [DREAM Seminar 2022]

Image by QarmQart

In the 4th session of the DREAM Seminar 2022 “The script of revolt. Writings, consignments, transcriptions in worlds in revolution”, we are pleased to welcome Teresa Pepe (Associate Professor in Arabic Studies at the University of Oslo) . Her research interests span across Arabic literature, media, popular culture, sociolinguistics, and the relation between aesthetics and politics. Related to her book “Blogging From Egypt: Digital Literature, 2005-2016” (Edinburgh: EUP, 2019) the session entitled “Bytes of Freedom: Literary Blogs in Egypt” will focus on blogs as forms of digital literature emerging in Egypt during the rise of the political protest of the Arab Spring.

Youssef El Chazli, Sociologist Lecturer at the University of Paris 8 (UFR ERITES) and associated researcher at the CEDEJ in Cairo will discuss and moderate the session which will be held in English.

Please register at the following address: dream@cmb.hu-berlin.de

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