[ONLINE 25/01/21, 14h30] DREAM-Seminar, Fadi A. BARDAWIL: “Revolution and disenchantment. Arab marxism and the binds of emancipation”

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Nous avons le plaisir d’accueillir Fadi A. Bardawil (Duke University) qui parlera de sa récente publication actuelle “Revolution and Disenchantment. Arab Marxism and the Binds of Emancipation”. Dans le livre, Fadi A. Bardawil décrit pour notre époque comment une précedente génération de révolutionnaires, la Nouvelle Gauche arabe des années 1960, a abordé les questions théoriques et pratiques des révolutions.

Cette séances s’inscrit pleinement dans une série d’événements qui se déroulent actuellement dans le cadre de la commémoration du début des révolutions arabes il y a 10 ans.

Le séminaire qui sera transmis via Zoom, se tiendra en anglais.

INSCRIPTION: dream@cmb.hu-berlin.de

We are pleased to welcome Fadi A. Bardawil (Duke University) who will talk about his current publication“Revolution and Disenchantment. Arab Marxism and the Bins of Emancipation”. In the book Fadi A. Bardawil redescribes for our present how an earlier generation of revolutionaries, the 1960s Arab New Left, addressed the question of theory and practice of revolutions. 

This session links in perfectly with a series of events that are currently taking place as part of the commemoration of the beginning of the Arab revolutions 10 years ago.

The seminar, which will be transmitted via Zoom, will be held in English.

REGISTRATION: dream@cmb.hu-berlin.de

Vous trouverez de plus amples informations sur le séminaire ici.

Further information about the seminar can be found here.


JANUARY 26, 2021 / 14h00-19h00 [ONLINE]

A conference on relevant questions concerning the new social protests in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia organized by the ERC DREAM project (Centre Marc Bloch Berlin/ CNRS) in collaboration with NAWARA Berlin, as part of Hur/k حر\ك : Eighteen days of events in commemoration of the revolutions in the North Africa and West Asia region.


14h00-15h20 PANEL 1
The historical territories of the revolts?

The panel will question the recurrency of revolts in some regions like the Moroccan Rif, the Algerian Mzab. Can we talk about revolutionary traditions, cultural specificities? What can we learn from these experiments?

With: Soraya el-Kahlaoui, Laurence Dufresne-Aubertin
Discussant Leyla Dakhli

15h30-16h50 PANEL 2
New feminist expressions

These past years have seen the rise of new feminist actions in the region. What can we say about them now and what role did the revolutions play in their birth and development?

With: Saadia Gacem, Zahi Chahrazad, Shams Radhouani Abdi, Ghaliya

Discussant Selima Kebaïli Continue reading “[DREAM CONFERENCE] HIRAK AND THAWARA IN THE MAGHREB. 2010-TODAY”

DREAM at the “Hr/k حر\ك : Eighteen days of events in commemoration of the revolutions in the North Africa and West Asia region”

With the DREAM-Conference “Hirak and thawara in the Maghreb, 2010 – TODAY” which takes place online, on January 26, 2021, from 14h00 – 19h00, we are pleased to contribute to a series of events organised in commemoration of the revolutions of the  North Africa and West Asia region.

These events are organised  by the Non-governmental organisation NAWARA .  Hereafter there are some further information on the idea and the concept of the Hr/k حر\ك .

“2021 marks the 10-year anniversary of the wave of revolutions that erupted across the North Africa West Asia (NAWA) region in late 2010 and early 2011. This presents itself as an opportunity to commemorate the revolutions and a chance to critically reflect on their aftermath, including counter-revolutionary backlashes, waves of displacement and exile, and pervasive forms of state repression.  

Inspired by the course of 18 days in which the Egyptian revolution initially unfolded (from the 25th of January to the 11th of February 2011) and by the diverse forms of expression that the revolutionaries used to communicate their demands, hopes and dreams, Hrk is a series of events that will take place in Berlin on 18 different days throughout 2021 to engage the NAWA diaspora communities in Germany in a range of commemoration activities. The idea is to transcend commemoration beyond fixed dates and places, to trace the afterlives of the revolutions across the NAWA region as a continuum,as a constant flow of movement that does not confine itself to sheer remembering, but attempts to shape new realities.

We aim to depict and highlight continuous ‘movement’ as opposed to the narrative of ‘stagnation’ that is now frequently associated with the so-called failure of the revolutions. We aim to showcase and celebrate the ways in which NAWA revolutionaries and their diverse array of comrades from the region and beyond have continued to engage in various forms of activism, thinking about, narrating and continuing the revolution in imaginative, inventive ways, all while moving across borders and between countries.”

Further information  on the programm of “Hr/k حر\ك : Eighteen days of events in commemoration of the revolutions in the North Africa and West Asia region” will be available on https://www.facebook.com/NawaraBerlin/.




11 janvier 14h30-16h30 DREAM Seminar – Farah Ramzy: “Coming of age in times of change: A revolutionary generation?”

In the 5th session of our DREAM Seminar “Decentring revolutions/Décentrer les révolutions” we welcome the political scientist Farah Ramzy. She is a researcher at the University of Bordeaux interested in the study of social movements, the dynamics of protest, revolutions and political and social change in authoritarian situations, particularly in the Arab world.

The session which will be held in english will be ONLINE via Zoom.

Please write an Email to dream@cmb.hu-berlin.de to get the acces data for the Zoom-meeting.

“L’esprit des révolutions arabes” : entretien Mediapart de Leyla Dakhli, 16 décembre 2020

Après la sortie de L’esprit de la révolte. Archives et actualités des révolutions arabes et à l’occasion des 10 ans des premiers soulèvements arabes, Leyla Dakhli s’est entretenue avec le journaliste Joseph Confavreux en décembre dernier pour le journal Mediapart.

L’anniversaire des révolutions arabes y est un prétexte pour discuter de “l’esprit” de ces dernières dans une histoire toujours en train de se faire à travers diverses figures, mouvements sociaux et symboles dont certains témoignages, certaines traces et archives, constituent la genèse même de l’ouvrage collectif L’esprit de la révolte.

Article réservé aux abonné.e.s sur le site de Mediapart, disponible en accès libre en PDF ici.

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