“SWANA from below: living, enduring, and remembering its revolutions” [CALL FOR PAPERS]

The ERC DREAM is pleased to share this call for scholars and early-career researchers to participate in the conference “SWANA from Below: living, enduring, and remembering its revolutions” organized by the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at Scuola Normale Superiore in Florence, Italy.
Sudanese protesters on the train to Khartoum, 2019 – Photo by Osama ElFaki CC BY-SA 4.0
“Moving attention from macro level transformations and focusing instead on “politics more below”, this conference seeks to interrogate these revolutions and uprisings from the perspective of their makers. It aims to look closely at how revolutionary dynamics unfold at the micro-level and in their everyday lives, analyzing the trajectories of politicization of activists and participants and the ways in which these revolutionary uprisings affected their lives.”
The conference will feature three workshops designed and moderated in cooperation with the Marc Bloch Zentrum at Humboldt University in Berlin, the ERC DREAM project and Center for Social Movements Studies (COSMOS) at the Scuola Normale Superiore. More information about the workshops can be found here.
Please find attached the Call for Papers and further information:
– Application deadline: May 31, 2022
– Notification of applicants: July 15, 2022 
– Final submissions: November 15, 2022
Applications should be submitted via e-mail to the following address: swana@sns.it with “SWANA Conference Application” in the subject field along with the applicant’s last nam

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