23 May 2022, Candice Raymond, Hana Sleiman, 2:30pm (Paris), Archives in struggle II, [DREAM SEMINAR 2022]

(1982) A Crime Against Culture. PLO Research Center.

In the 7th session of the DREAM Seminar 2022 “The script of revolt. Writings, consignments, transcriptions in worlds in revolution”, we are pleased to welcome Hana Sleiman (Research Fellow at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge) and Candice Raymond Researcher at the Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo, Beirut) and a member of the ERC DREAM Research team).

Hana Sleiman is an Archivist and Historian of the modern Middle East whose research focuses on intellectual history, histories of print and archive theory. Her presentation at the DREAM seminar is entitled “Reflections on the Palestinian Archival Terrain After 1982”. Candice Raymond current research is concerned with knowledge institutions, actors and practices in civil war contexts, with a focus on the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990). Her presentation for this session is entitled “The Weapon of Knowledge: the PLO Research Center and the Palestinian Revolution (1965-1982)”.

Leyla Dakhli, Historian, CNRS, Principal investigator of the ERC DREAM, will discuss and moderate the session which will be held in English.

More info here.

Please register at the following address: dream@cmb.hu-berlin.de



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