[CALL FOR PAPERS] Revolt in a time of collapse. Revolution, dignity and livelihood in Lebanon and the contemporary Arab world

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The ERC-CO DREAM project (Drafting and enacting the revolution in the Arab Mediterranean) proposes a workshop on the revolutionary and protest cycle observed in contemporary Lebanon. This workshop takes as its starting point the popular revolt of fall 2019. It seeks to account for the mobilizations of 2019-2020 by avoiding a (geo)political history that would be a form of scholarly repetition of an expert discourse in pursuit of current events. It hopes to open a questioning to account for the complexity of these “weeks where decades occur”, without crushing the subtle shifts, inventions and emergences thereof. It wants to do justice to the part of the sensitive, of emotions and impressions (sometimes “false” but true in their effects) that they arouse, while posing the importance of reflexivity and distanced analysis. Finally, it aims to highlight the singularities of the Lebanese case without presupposing the usual list (confessionalism, corruption, etc.) or by showing how these same categories have been displaced, and this through the mobilization of a literature of social history and sociology of social movements that allows us to work on common points as well as differences (Allal and Pierret, 2013, Chalcraft, 2016, Dakhli, 2020).

To that end, we would like to receive proposals for contributions that are oriented around the following reflections…

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