JANUARY 26, 2021 / 14h00-19h00 [ONLINE]

A conference on relevant questions concerning the new social protests in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia organized by the ERC DREAM project (Centre Marc Bloch Berlin/ CNRS) in collaboration with NAWARA Berlin, as part of Hur/k حر\ك : Eighteen days of events in commemoration of the revolutions in the North Africa and West Asia region.


14h00-15h20 PANEL 1
The historical territories of the revolts?

The panel will question the recurrency of revolts in some regions like the Moroccan Rif, the Algerian Mzab. Can we talk about revolutionary traditions, cultural specificities? What can we learn from these experiments?

With: Soraya el-Kahlaoui, Laurence Dufresne-Aubertin
Discussant Leyla Dakhli

15h30-16h50 PANEL 2
New feminist expressions

These past years have seen the rise of new feminist actions in the region. What can we say about them now and what role did the revolutions play in their birth and development?

With: Saadia Gacem, Zahi Chahrazad, Shams Radhouani Abdi, Ghaliya

Discussant Selima Kebaïli

The Algerian Hirak, two years of mobilization. New initiatives and repertoires after repression and Covid-19

With Giulia Fabbiano and Nejma Rondeleux

Film presentations

Fragments de rêves, (a 25 mn extract), Bahïa Bencheikh El Fegoun
Pousses de printemps, Intissar Belaïd

The movies will be introduced by Kmar Bendana and Mohamed Slim Ben Youssef. The two filmmakers, Bahïa Bencheikh El Fegoun and Intissar Belaïd (to be confirmed) will be present for the discussion.

The event will be held in French with simultaneous translation into English. Please register by writing an email to dream@cmb.hu-berlin.de.

PROGRAMM Hirak-and-thawara-in-the-Maghreb 26 january 2021.pdf

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